Since its inception, Prime Turbine Parts has been focused on delivering value through the supply of cost-effective turbine parts. The industries the company serves have a constant concern for cost but also for reliability and performance from an aftermarket vendor. Prime Turbine Parts is well prepared to supply a range of replacement parts to react to maintenance needs.

Turbine maintenance has a direct relationship to the increased demand power generation producers endure in the current market. Turbine components must be replaced periodically due to environmental factors, which can affect the performance and cause downtime when demand is at peak.

“At PTP, we continually strive to provide high quality with competitive pricing and the best possible delivery through expanding our supplier base and product knowledge.”

Our clients are located in every corner of the world and manage a wide range of gas and steam turbine equipment. With this in mind, our industry solutions cover specific applications as turbine products and also equipment-specific parts, as noted below.

Do not hesitate in contacting us with your replacement part needs. No matter how difficult you think it may be to find, chances are that Prime Turbine Parts can find and deliver it—allowing you to focus on maintaining your operational viability.

Contact Prime Turbine Parts today to request a quote for your current or upcoming gas or steam turbine projects. Let our knowledgeable team save you time and money by calling us at 518.306.7306.

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