According to the OEM, GE® steam turbines make up more than 40 percent of turbomachinery equipment in use by combined-cycle plants around the globe—as well as 50 percent of all nuclear plants and a growing percentage of fossil power plants. With such a large representation, this GE® equipment carries a heavy load of the world’s power generation operations and will continue to require steam turbine replacement parts for decades to come.

Prime Turbine Parts carries or has access to a wide variety of steam turbine replacement parts for these types of turbomachinery equipment:

Power generation companies know that aging steam turbine equipment is an inevitable challenge in our industry. With this in mind, Prime Turbine Parts offers unmatched value and performance as a trusted steam turbine replacement parts supplier. Whether you are looking to extend the operating lifetime of your steam turbine equipment or doing periodical maintenance, you can depend on us as you work hard to meet the ever-growing demand for power.

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