When GE® first created its Frame 9E, it aimed at creating the perfect heavy-duty gas turbine, capable of operating with almost the complete spectrum of fuels available. Nevertheless, despite their robust capability, the industry has a constant need for GE® Frame 9E gas turbine parts. Prime Turbine Parts works with our customers operating equipment requiring GE® Frame 9E gas turbine parts for simple-cycle and combined-cycle applications, as well as in industrial CHP and mechanical drive operations.

We have access to GE® Frame 9E gas turbine parts utilized in the following outages:

Planned Maintenance, including:

  • Major Inspections
  • Hot Gas Path Inspections
  • Combustion Inspections

Unplanned and Forced Outages

Although GE® Frame 9E gas turbine parts are designed to operate in high ambient temperatures, it is important to monitor the gas turbine for any stresses that can cause an event in the equipment. Ensuring a long operational life for your equipment can be best managed with proactive maintenance and the support of Prime Turbine Parts. We have access to GE® Frame 9E gas turbine parts and can consult with you on best practices and other important decision-making related to sourcing replacement parts.

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