Manufactured and commissioned in the 1990s, the GE® Frame 9FA are another flex-fuel heavy-duty iteration of the successful Frame 9 gas turbines. Despite its young age in operational context, this equipment requires periodical maintenance and evaluation, which includes the need to replace or repair GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts. Regardless of the age of this capital equipment, Prime Turbine Parts is available to help you understand the opportunity at hand, providing best practices and other professional advice related to GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts.

We have access to GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts utilized in the following outages:

Planned Maintenance, including:

  • Major Inspections
  • Hot Gas Path Inspections
  • Combustion Inspections

Unplanned and Forced Outages

Access to GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts is more widespread than older legacy equipment, but we invite customers to contact us proactively to help them identify opportunities before they become a challenge. Our knowledge and experience with GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts are at your service and we are always ready to assist, no matter how difficult the maintenance operation may be.

Contact Prime Turbine Parts to discuss your need for GE® Frame 9FA gas turbine parts. Or if you prefer, start a conversation with our knowledgeable team by calling us at 518.306.7306.

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