Wear and tear due to normal gas turbine operation ranges from oxidation to other maintenance events. This is a reality for power plants and other industrial environments, particularly when operating this equipment beyond their operational lifetime. Prime Turbine Parts understands that the reliability of turbine equipment has a direct relationship with the quality and condition of its gas turbine parts.

Quite often, downtime that can be tracked back to gas turbines parts and can be a challenge for personnel who operate and manage power plants. A maintenance event related to gas turbine parts can be a hindrance to your overall equipment operation. And this is why Prime Turbine Parts is ready to assist in preventing part-related issues that can affect your availability.

In addition, gas turbine parts are subject to higher temperatures than steam turbines, and thus this turbomachinery equipment experiences additional stress and an increased chance of a maintenance event.

Prime Turbine Parts works with power generation professionals to help understand the opportunity of proactively maintaining and replacing the following gas turbine parts and components:



Preventive maintenance on your gas turbine equipment often requires keeping inventory on many consumable parts, including turbine consumables subject to wear-and-tear factors.

Bearings & Seals

Gas turbine bearings and seals are an essential component in your gas turbine equipment, providing support for your turbine’s rotor.


Gas turbines in use for power generation endure some of the most intense conditions in industrial operations—specifically the combustion chamber or combustor.

Hot Gas Path and Rotor

Following a visual inspection of your gas turbine’s combustion elements, you may have discovered deterioration along the hot gas path and rotor of the turbomachinery system.


No matter what type of gas turbine you operate, you face a variety of operational challenges that can reduce the output of your turbomachinery equipment.

Our knowledge of GE® gas turbines and other OEMs is why so many of our customers rely on Prime Turbine Parts. We understand the dynamics, challenges and the solutions needed to ensure your gas turbines operate with optimal performance—beyond their operational lifetime—by providing exceptional value in gas turbine parts.

Count on Prime Turbine Parts’ knowledge and experience to deliver the solutions you need—within budget and on-time. We are your partner in ensuring that both proactive and reactive gas turbine parts replacement is done according to industry standards and best practices.

Contact Prime Turbine Parts to discuss your need for gas turbine parts and start a conversation with our knowledgeable team by calling us at 518.306.7306.

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