Following a visual inspection of your gas turbine’s combustion elements, you may have discovered the need to replace parts in the hot gas path and rotor of the turbomachinery system. Whether you’ve found corrosion, foreign object intrusion or just general wear-and-tear, addressing these hot gas path and rotor components is imperative for the operation of your gas turbine. The fact is that uncovering such events in your gas turbine’s hot gas path and rotor parts can save you maintenance money and effort in the long run.

At Prime Turbine Parts, we stock or have access to these gas turbine hot gas path parts:

Prime Turbine Parts can help you understand the best maintenance for hot gas path and rotor parts replacement, particularly after a major inspection is performed on your turbomachinery equipment. With this in mind, any potential corrosion, oxidation, and/or erosion in hot gas path and rotor parts and coatings should be addressed proactively and effectively. Such efforts can ensure a proper operation that can extend the operational lifetime of your gas turbine and its hot gas path and rotor parts.

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