Engineer Martin Harr brings to Prime Turbine Parts an accomplished career serving the Power Generation industry. Holding both a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, his focus on power and energy technologies spans two decades. Martin provides specialized consulting for power generation customers who require the insight of a proven turbine industry expert.

“At PTP, we continually strive to provide high quality with competitive pricing and the best possible delivery through expanding our supplier base and product knowledge.”

As a business-minded Power Engineering professional, Martin contributes with a strategic mindset that helps Prime Turbine Parts deliver beyond his customers’ immediate needs. When it comes to the business of aftermarket parts and components, his vision as an engineer extends beyond the obvious challenges and explores opportunities that can help them capitalize on intelligent future planning.

Martin’s strategic view of the turbine parts business allows him to save customers time, money and effort by addressing their needs with accuracy and precision. He works closely with Warren Peck to support every customers’ needs to ensure the best business relationship that can produce a sustainable long-term opportunity for Prime Turbine Parts and its customers.

Martin Harr’s career highlights:

  • Gas turbine engineering, planning and repair at a major US utility
  • Global capital parts production engineering, planning, and sourcing
  • Reverse engineering customer supplied components for production and/or cost reduction

Contact Martin Harr at Prime Turbine Parts today or call him at 518.306.7306. Let our knowledgeable team save you time and money in any of your turbine parts needs.

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