Due to their lower operational cost, smaller power stations utilize this smaller-scale turbomachinery equipment, which requires replacing its small-frame steam-turbines parts to maintain operational availability. While they may not be subject to the same stresses of their larger counterparts, small-frame steam-turbines parts are still subject to degradation and heat, which can limit its output unless maintained properly.

Operations that typically use GE® small-frame steam turbine parts include:

Pulp and Paper

Waste Burning CoGeneration Plants

Industrial Users:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants

Case in point, the proactive replacement of small-frame steam turbine parts can help reduce events related to the maintenance requirement of continuous operation. In addition, these small-frame steam turbines can be susceptible to smaller-scale operational events that can be easily avoided when inspecting small-frame steam turbine parts across any of its components or stages.

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