Just as in their gas turbine counterparts, steam turbine bearings and seals have a strong potential of wear and tear. Prime Turbine Parts has extensive knowledge related to steam turbines’ bearings and seals to support your maintenance needs. Stress such as friction, heat and vibration are events that can influence the optimal operation of your steam turbine, particularly if bearings and seals are not replaced upon finding evidence of wear-and-tear after an inspection.

At Prime Turbine Parts, we stock or have access to a variety of gas turbine bearings and seals, including:

Prime Turbine Parts serves the needs of steam turbine operators, helping you reduce any potential challenges related to bearings and seals. We pride ourselves in the depth of knowledge and understanding of steam turbine bearings and seals, as well as other components in your industrial turbines.

Contact Prime Turbine Parts to discuss your need for steam turbine bearings and seals. Or if you prefer, start a conversation with our knowledgeable team by calling us at 518.306.7306.

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