Warren Peck is a turbomachinery industry veteran whose knowledge spans a wide range of gas and steam turbine systems and components. Building on his direct involvement in turbine manufacturing and installation, to the installation of parts and instrumentation, Warren contributes with a variety of industry solutions based on his experience in gas and steam turbines from GE® and other OEMs.

At Prime Turbine Parts, Warren works closely with customers to develop their confidence in non-OEM new combustion and steam turbine parts. Given the Power Generation industry’s growing need for replacement parts during routine maintenance, Warren’s experience over three decades has uniquely prepared him for the opportunities and challenges of Prime Turbine Parts’ most demanding customers.

“PTP treats each customer inquiry as an independent event, drawing on decades of experience to deliver the best possible solution.”

In addition, Warren has experience coordinating between engineering and production efforts in new gas turbine parts. Respected by peers for the value and performance he delivers, his deep understanding of turbomachinery equipment is a lifeline for Prime Turbine Parts. This knowledge also allows Warren to support customers in the identification of parts for diverse turbomachinery equipment, including the interpretation of parts manuals.

Warren Peck is a trusted advisor to the world’s top Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Utilities industries engineering teams. His reputation for serving their needs with timely response and within deadlines includes advocating for Warren’s own customers—always seeking to procure for them the most cost-effective turbine parts in the market.

Warren Peck’s career highlights:

  • Proven track record as a Power Generation leader
  • Gas turbine parts sales experience spans 36+ years
  • Direct experience with GE® Gas and Steam turbines
  • Developed extensive supply chain for multitude of turbine parts

Contact Warren Peck at Prime Turbine Parts today or call him at 518.306.7306. Let our knowledgeable team save you time and money in any of your turbine parts needs.

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